Balrog and the 'Gief

No, it's not a new sitcom (although now that I think of it, that would be awesome)... it's the two Street Fighter characters I just finished up today. Click to enlarge.


Another one...

I liked how this one turned out- didn't think I would. I want a shirt like this (minus the blood stains and tears).


More Zombies added to the gallery

Slowly but surely, I'm making a dent. Only 500+ more to go....


Bit off more brains than I can chew!

Wow....unfortunately I had to post this on my site, due to the truly overwhelming response to my Zombification promotion...

As of Monday, July 6th, at 5:30 PM CST, I must end this promotion early due to a MASSIVELY overwhelming response and nearly impossible volume of submissions. I will strive to Zombify the 500+ (yes, 500+ in less than 48 hours!) submissions I've received, but the time frame may mean a very long wait. If you would still like to be zombified but missed the promotion, I am willing to give you a discounted "zombie rate" of $15 per zombification (normally $25) and a high priority status on my queue. To those who have already submitted photos to me, I am sending you all a blanket e-mail with details on a very special discounted price if you should want high priority status as well. Otherwise, I will be slaving away for the next few years (hopefully that is an exaggeration!) on all these submissions, so be patient!!!

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and kind words!! I never dreamt I would get such a response! It is much appreciated.


Project: Zombification is in full swing!

Wow. Less than 24 hours after going "live", Project Zombification is full steam ahead. I've gotten over 50 requests already and have been featured on two news sites thus far (Neatorama and Presurfer). Well, two down, who knows how many more to go!?


Get Zombified!

Check this out. I'm running a promotion through the month of July where I will "zombify" anyone who sends me a photo of themselves....for free. Read a little tease here, and get details here.


Overhauling joelharrisart.com

I'm in the middle of totally redesigning my website, joelharrisart.com.
Over the coming weeks, I'll be adding a LOT more content to the galleries, removing broken or dead links, and hopefully making the whole thing a bit livelier. I've also got a few promotional things in mind to get a little buzz going. Wish me luck with that- announcement to follow!