Buddha Sez #1

Buddha was enlightened. Here are some practical applications of his sayings and philosophy.


Red Skull Process

I had Tim Vigil draw me a Red Skull at the Chicago Comic Con this summer. I made a blue-line copy and inked it. I then took it into Photoshop to color it. Here is the process:

Original pencils by Tim Vigil...
...Inked a blue line copy...
...and finally, colors. Voila!



Fun with OHOTMU

What's OHOTMU, you say? It's short for Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. I loved these handbooks as a kid- seeing all these different artists' takes on the Marvel U proper. Loved that they were all inked by the same guy (Joe Rubinstein). I thought it would be fun to re-color them, one by one....here's the first batch, in no random order. Spiral by Art Adams. Mole Man by John Byrne. Battlestar by Keith Pollard. Jean Grey/Marvel Girl by Jackson Guice. Kingpin by Lee Weeks. Moon Knight by Bill Sienkiewicz




He's misunderstood. He only vants to drink your blood. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Are you my mummy?

Yes. Yes, I am.