The dawn of the newly dead...


Left 4 Dead 2

I've been enjoying the game, so I doodled Ellis and Coach, slapped some color on it, and here is the end result.


Testing, 1..2...3

I'm basically experimenting with a new digital painting style...here is something I whipped up earlier today. Let's call him..."Blue Lightning".


Process: "Animal Man"

The All-New, All-Different...Animal Man!

This is a spoof on the DC character Animal Man that I was inspired to do by Mark Palmer.
Click image to enlarge.



1. I am not dead! Good news, indeed.

2. I hope to be posting regularly again. I've got a backlog of art to scan and post.

3. I'm working on a redesign of my site proper. To be unveiled (hopefully) soon.

4. Enjoy this sketch I did a couple of months ago.