Print Ads

My brother recently founded an innovative business called "XenoSurvey™" and asked me to do some design work for him yesterday. The project was a series of three print ads. One full page, one half page and one quarter page. Here's what I came up with (and what will run in upcoming issues of a trade magazine). *I realized as I was uploading that I forgot to convert one file to RGB, and since some browsers don't interpret CMYK images correctly, I left it out for now. This gives you the idea of the two concepts though. The comic book styled one is the quarter page ad. Click for larger images.


New Art

And that didn't take long! New Art update.
Just added these pieces.

Two portraits (these were commissioned as Christmas gifts last year). Digitally painted these in Photoshop CS.

Site Update

Hey everyone! Just wanted to mention a small site update. I've revamped the homepage and added a few new pieces of art.

I'm now using a "Magazine" cover format, which I will update monthly. Also, I'm going to be announcing any "news" here on my blog, so I will link the blog to the "News" header on my site's navigation bar. It may be slightly redundant, but that way people will know to come to my blog for more than curmudgeonly ramblings (those will continue as well).

I will also endeavor to blog with newly uploaded pieces of art as I update.



I always seem to begin my blog posts with "it's been a long time since I updated"...so I won't do that now.

It's been a long and eventful space of time, though. I lost my full time job as a charge entry "specialist" due to a change of managerial direction. So, if anyone reading this needs an art job done (coloring, portraits, pen and ink, you name it!) just give me a holler!

We just returned from a trip to PA, where we spent nearly a week with my family. It was a terrific time and it was great fun to catch up with everyone. I'm completely amazed at how my nephews and nieces have changed since last I saw them. Particularly my nephews. Wow. Catching up with everyone made me realize how blessed I am with the family that I have, and I miss every single one of them already.

Here's a little something to tide you over until my next update. It's the first two pages of a story I started (and abandoned). I created it, wrote it, penciled, inked, colored and lettered it...it was my baby. I might be tempted to revisit the story (with a lot of changes)...I dunno.