Still kickin'

I'm sure at least some of you thought I had fallen off the face of the earth, but alas, it's not so. I've just been in kind of a bubble lately. Pretty bubble...bubble...heh. That's a funny word.

But seriously, my creative juices have been flowing more recently, so you should be seeing a major update on my site soon- I've done a good deal of art in the past couple of months, which I need to get into Dreamweaver so I can share with you good folks.

For now, I'll re-present one of my favorite pieces of mine from recent years. This is a portrait I did in '06 of the musician, Sam Beam, a.k.a. "Iron and Wine". If you're unfamiliar with his work, you should do yourself a favor and check him out. While you're at it, check out the multi-talented Andrew Bird (who I had the pleasure of seeing live in St. Louis in April!).

I'll try to blog more in the coming weeks and months- so stay tuned here for new art, maybe some reviews, general thoughts, etc.