I am currently drawing my own versions of various mythological or fantasy characters. Here are four of them. Minotaur, Goblin, Elf and Cyclops... Click to enlarge.


JLo said...

Do you want feedback? I will wait to see what you say, but I will say I really dig the minotaur.

Joel said...

Sure, hit me with some feedback. Thanks!

JLo said...

I think the minotaur and cyclops are spot on, but for some reason the elf and orc struck me as a bit off. Not sure why. I guess because I feel like elves have so much mystique, beauty...and are even slightly adrogenous (and ageless?) as well. I feel like the elf is a bit menacing, but maybe that's the point. As for the orc...I think you need some teeth portruding. Again, I am affected by Tolkein's orcs. They were originally elves that were corrupted...so their faces and bodies are rather disjointed and uneven and scarred. Just my observations. I enjoy them all, though, and I can't wait to see more. Okay, that's not meant to be pressuring though.