If You Like...The Weakerthans

I'm a big music nut, as anyone who knows me can tell you. So I figured I'd make some posts about it and maybe introduce new bands to you. So what I'm gonna do is list some more well-known bands, and make suggestions of other, lesser-known bands/artists that you might like.

Soo, without further ado...

If you like...
The Weakerthans
Then you should check out...
Tokyo Police Club

I actually had to do some research when I first heard Tokyo Police club some months ago (thanks to the awesome KEXP Song of the Day Podcast) to make sure this wasn't Weakerthans singer John K. Samson's new band. TPC's singer, Dave Monks shares not only an uncanny similarity to Samson's singing voice, but also in his songwriting style. Lyrically clever, evocative and instantly familiar, TPC should appeal to you if you like the Weakerthans.

Check this track out: Citizens of Tomorrow (see video below).

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